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15 december 2011

Mumps among students

Afbeelding - Mumps among students

The GGD Zuid Limburg (Public Health Service) has informed all current and prospective students of Maastricht University about the mumps by e-mail. Since December 2009, an increase of mumps has been reported in The Netherlands. In 2011, new cases of mumps are still being reported. Especially students have an increased risk of mumps. This is partly due to the intense contact between people in student houses, student associations, parties and introduction activities. Because of the ongoing transmission of mumps among students, GGD Zuid Limburg advises students who are not, or only once, vaccinated against mumps to get additional vaccination(s).

Also vaccinated students can get mumps, most likely because the protective effect of the vaccine is decreasing over the years. Vaccination against mumps (MMR/BMR) is important to prevent complications of a mumps infection. Research shows that among persons who develop mumps, vaccinated persons have a significantly lower risk of serious complications than those who have not been vaccinated against mumps.

Do you have symptoms, possibly matching mumps?
Please contact you general practitioner. The GGD monitors the current mumps epidemic. We would like to ask you, in case of symptoms, to contact the GGD Zuid Limburg as well (if you're living here in the region). The GGD can do an additional saliva and urine test.

More information or vaccination?
For more information, contact the department of infectious diseases of the GGD Zuid Limburg by calling 045-8506609 or send an email to Would you like to be vaccinated, please contact EASE Travel Clinic & Health Support in Maastricht (0900-8504466). The vaccination will cost 20 euros.
If you do not (yet) live in the South Limburg region, please contact your regional Public Health Service or your own general practitioner (also when you have symptoms, possibly matching mumps).

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